“Simone Pérèle is a well-known, recognized brand that has evolved and continues to evolve”

Specialist in selective distribution, Hervé Gulli has opened his boutique Simone Pérèle in Dijon in February 2019.

: What was your professional career before starting with the Simone Pérèle brand?

Hervé Gulli: I worked in a style agency as a consultant and style manager for ten years before taking up the post of merchandising, visual identity and marketing manager in selective distribution. As such, I have worked for many brands including Etam Lingerie and Morgan.

At some point in my career, I wanted to leave the retail world and especially to leave Paris. I had the project to live in Dijon and I wondered what was the logical continuation of this course in the selective distribution. In Dijon, in my job, there were no outlets and ultimately the opening of a shop was the natural consequence of this career which brought me to meet a lot of affiliates and franchisees!

Why did you choose the lingerie sector and the Simone Pérèle brand?

Lingerie is a destination product, much less risky than ready-to-wear, for example. I had contacts at Simone Pérèle and it is a brand that I knew. I liked their turnkey, premium, very innovative concept.

Everything was very fast. It took me six months from the moment I made the decision to open my store.

What support have you received from the brand?

I received full, very fluid and personalized support from the management team, the retail team and the marketing department as part of the launch. Communication was also powerful with the implementation of an acquisition campaign and the distribution of sponsored Instagram posts.

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Simone Pérèle franchise interior

To begin with, the architect was recommended by Simone Pérèle: the latter provided us with the plan of the shop as well as the facade. He accompanied us for the filing of the file with the architects of buildings in France. Then, after opening, regular visits are made by the regional director.

Communication at the opening was materialized by a poster in the city announcing the event, plus a street marketing distribution for several weeks with, finally, boutique privatization to build customer loyalty.

My sales force was also trained for a week in Paris on the brand’s best practices.

The strength of franchising also means that we can rely on partnerships that it would be impossible to assemble as freelancers. We thus organized a parade with the Mauboussin brand.

How did your beginnings go and what do you think are Simone Pérèle’s strengths in her market?

The opening and the start went very well despite the social situation at the time, then the pandemic. At the reopening, we launched a very strong communication and we are progressing compared to 2019. Our recruitment rate is very interesting and corresponds to 50% of the market share.

interior franchise Simone Pérèle

Simone Pérèle is a well-known, recognized brand that has evolved and continues to evolve. The new artistic director has managed to keep the DNA and the fundamentals of the brand by retaining the current clientele but also by rejuvenating the segment to reach a younger target. Simone Pérèle has carved out a place for herself among all women, of all generations and of all morphologies. This is essential for the conversion rate.

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Furthermore, the concept is reassuring and the whole brand platform is consistent and integrates all types of customers.

We have real corsetry know-how, with a very fair value for money. I also salute the fundamental work carried out on the sourcing of materials. Customers like to wear French lace, for example. They are very sensitive to the manufacture of products, much more than one might imagine.

We can also talk about all the work done on the collections. The bath line is very successful in Dijon, for example. We can also note Simone Pérèle’s commitment to “eco-responsible” capsules and finally the development of the Nuit collection, which resonates very well with our customers. This segment is all the more buoyant since it is intended for a gift purchase and the man is the prescriber. Simone Pérèle has also succeeded in developing seasonal MUST HAVEs and the brand is becoming more and more aspirational with visuals produced by the best photographers which make an impression on the many communication channels.

Finally, for us, the affiliates, another strength is the follow-up of products which are never broken with a responsiveness of delivery which allows us to retain our customers. And we are dealing with a human-sized team. Depending on our needs and our problems, we always find support, listening and the tools that allow us to move forward.

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