Simple at Cagliari can make Marino’s position – Lo Spallino more fragile

The substantial savings deriving from the termination of the contract between SPAL and Leonardo Simple (hired by Cagliari) can complicate the situation of Pasquale Marino if the team’s performance does not improve in the short term and maybe lead out of the ranking area that qualifies for the playoffs.

The disconcerting two-sided performance exhibited in Vicenza has probably begun to insinuate some doubts in the mind of the white-blue staff and at the same time – this is certain – has deeply dissatisfied a large part of public opinion that for the first time expressed a strong disapproval of the work of the technician. On the other hand, there are no credible alibis for what happened at “Menti”: SPAL had arrived at the appointment after a full week of work and with a practically empty infirmary, and had managed to build a reassuring advantage only to collapse miserably in the final twenty minutes.

With Semplici and his staff out of the payroll for the club, the unexpected availability of hundreds of thousands of euros appears which in various circumstances would have had to be paid between now and the end of June 2021. Now obviously SPAL would have at least the margin of maneuver to evaluate his options should the situation begin to deteriorate further. With the former coach to be paid every month, this scenario could not have occurred, for obvious budgetary policy reasons.

On the other hand, Marino and his staff are linked to SPAL until the end of the current season and the agreement would be renewed only in the event of promotion to Serie A. The kind of situation that can make a bench creaky in stressful situations. Recently President Walter Mattioli he declared on two separate occasions that he expected more in terms of results, as well as reiterated the importance of fighting for an immediate recovery also to ensure better economic and financial sustainability for the company. With SPAL at -8 from leaders Empoli, at -5 from second place useful for promotion and a dowry of just 4 points to defend for staying in the playoff area, the prices of Marino and his group appear to be in sharp decline. The stunted start of the second round (4 draws, 1 defeat) and the worrying deviations shown during the individual matches therefore risk throwing SPAL into a difficult crisis to manage.

To represent a mitigating potential for Marino there is an incontrovertible fact: this SPAL carries with it most of the manufacturing defects of the one that is sadly relegated with the Semplici / Di Biagio management. The now chronic difficulty of having a linear performance; mental fragility in advantageous situations; the obvious difficulty of playing games in which the fight is necessary instead of the dribble. Traits that evidently derive from the nature of some key men available to the coach. All in all, which can do little to reverse this kind of trend. So why would a replacement be able to do that, unless he’s a follower of Sergeant Major Hartman?

Marino is currently not to be considered in question. But it can start to be if the team doesn’t shake off all the uncertainties and contradictions shown recently. On the eve of the current championship, the management had basically asked the Sicilian coach two things: competitiveness and a pleasant game. The first was there, despite several obstacles, the second unfortunately was seen rarely and almost exclusively in the central part of the first round. If these two conditions were to disappear, the doubts around the coach could start to get cumbersome.


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