Simplified appointment management on Clic Santé

Clic Santé is now more than vaccines against COVID-19 and blood samples. The platform now allows you to make appointments for nearly 200 health services and manage your consultations and those of your loved ones from a personal account.

Each user who creates his personal account on Clic Santé has access to the list of all his appointments and can make those of his children, his parents or a person for whom he acts as a caregiver. That said, it is still possible to make an appointment without having an account.

To open your account, simply enter your name, health insurance number and email or phone number. Those who do not have a health insurance card can also register by adding their gender, date of birth and parents’ names.

You can then add the people whose appointments you want to manage by clicking on the “My family” tab. You will then be asked to enter the name, gender, date of birth and health insurance number of your loved one, if they have one.

When the time comes to make an appointment, you can choose to book it for yourself or for one of the people associated with your account. In the case of children, the father and mother can add them to their personal account. Similarly, two brothers caring for their elderly mother can both add her to their account and manage her appointments.

“When you go to the first appointment you have made for your mother, an agent on site will have to verify that she does indeed consent to you managing her appointments,” explains Stéphane Lajoie, the president of the Quebec company Trimoz Technologies, which developed the Clic Santé platform.

A person who has delegated the management of his appointments can no longer take them himself, unless he asks to be given back control of his account. However, she can consult the history of her appointments.

A broader, but uneven, service offering

This possibility of creating an account to manage appointments coincides with a strong growth in the number of services offered on Clic Santé since the beginning of 2022. It is now possible to make an appointment there for a pediatric consultation. or in nutrition, for medical imaging or for screening for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections.

However, the service offer varies according to the region and the type of consultation sought. For example, a Montrealer will easily find an appointment a few kilometers from home for a blood pressure test, but will have to go as far as Drummondville to get an appointment for an X-ray on Clic Santé.

You should also carefully read the conditions associated with each appointment. Consultations can be free or paid, and some require a medical referral, others do not.

“Before the pandemic, we already offered routine health care in CLSCs or pharmacies, but we have witnessed a democratization of digitization in recent years, explains Stéphane Lajoie. Nearly 400 pharmacies have started to offer more services on Clic Santé since the beginning of the year, and the others are following suit.”

The big boss of Trimoz Technologies recognizes that the service offer remains unequal, but he believes that the pressure exerted by patients will encourage more and more health establishments to allow appointments to be made on Clic Santé. To date, hundreds of thousands of Quebecers have created their Clic Santé account, but 7.1 million unique users have already used the platform – particularly for vaccination against COVID-19 –, i.e. nearly 82% of the Quebec population.

Vaccination is well integrated into the Clic Santé system, the consultations offered in pharmacies are increasingly so and all the other services of the Quebec health system will eventually be, hopes Mr. Lajoie. This would include, for example, consultations with medical specialists, the management of which is more complex due to long waiting lists.

“It is to be expected that, in the coming months or years, these appointments can also be made on Clic Santé,” he says.

The Department of Health and Social Services is less positive. “We cannot move forward at the present time on possible new services”, answers its spokesperson, Marie-Claude Lacasse. She specifies that Clic Santé will continue to be an “important partner” to facilitate appointment scheduling over the next year, “in particular for vaccination services against COVID-19, against influenza and for other vaccinations covered by the immunization program”.

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