Sinaloa farmers report good corn yields, despite lack of water and fertilizers

Despite the scarcity of water for irrigation and the lack of fertilization in crops due to high costs, good corn yields are being registered, confirmed Agustín Espinoza Lagunas, coordinator of the Permanent Agrarian Congress (CAP) of Sinaloa.

“It is starting very well, no considerable losses have been reported despite the problem with the water, the problems with obtaining fertilizers,” he declared.

The CAP coordinator revealed that there is an estimate that around 10 tons of grain are coming out of each hectare.

He affirmed that the producers are satisfied with the international price of corn, since it is being liquidated above 7 thousand pesos per ton.

“The international price is much more than acceptable, it is being liquidated or is being contemplated above 7 thousand pesos per ton, it is very much acceptable,” he said.

Due to the above, the agrarian leader recommended to the producers who are in the delivery process, to negotiate the payments as soon as possible, since the prices in the market can change.

“That they do not leave with the ambition of achieving much more, that the price that is right now is very acceptable and that this guarantees a decent income to the producer,” he said.

Regarding the rise in the cost of supplies, Espinoza Lagunas admitted that this issue keeps some producers concerned, since they anticipate that what is generated in the commercialization of corn will be used to purchase these supplies.

“What does worry us a lot is the cost of supplies, right now the cost of threshing is rising due to the cost of diesel, it is very high, in the Évora area above 25-26 pesos per liter in the diesel, here it is around 24 pesos”, he specified.

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