“Sindir” Gran Turismo 7, Forza Motorsport Ensures Ray-Tracing in Gameplay • Jagat Play

Ray-tracing is the visual future of the gaming industry, it’s an undeniable reality. Along with continuing efforts to make textures appear sharper and more realistic, accurate lighting placement is also seen as equally essential to encourage this. The good news? Together with better optimizations, ray-tracing can also now run on even the latest generation of consoles, although there must be a lot of compromises here and there. Racing games like Gran Turismo 7 from Polyphony Digital and Sony, for example, only include the Ray-Tracing mode in special modes outside of the race itself. Something that Turn10 Studios immediately turned into a topic of discussion.

As if “punching” Gran Turismo 7, Creative Director Forza Motorsport from Turn10 Studios – Chris Esaki emphasized that their ray-tracing claim at Forza Motorsport is not a “full of confusion” statement. That Forza Motorsport will later carry true ray-tracing technology, including real-time when you are in racing mode. Esaki said that this means that the technology he is carrying is not limited to Replay mode or Photo Mode only. Although he admits that the ray-tracing effect can sometimes be difficult to spot directly, it will still offer an experience and visuals that Forza Motorsport has never offered before.

forza motorsport new gen
Turn10 confirms that Forza Motorsport’s ray-tracing feature runs real-time during the race, not only in certain modes.

Forza Motorsport, which is reportedly built from scratch for the latest generation platform, is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2023 for Xbox Series and PC. How about you? Interested in trying it?

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