Singapore covid is rising! ICU, government hospital, only 60 beds left.

Singapore Ministry of Health A statement said on Monday (Oct 25) that the number of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases in Singapore had soared, leaving the number of beds in the intensive care unit at a public hospital in Singapore. Only 60 beds out of 366 beds

Of the 306 hospital beds, there are 171 beds for coronavirus patients and 135 beds for other patients.

However, the Singapore government has said it could add more beds if needed.Mr Young Yi Kang Minister of Health said last week that The Singapore government is considering increasing the number of ICU beds in government hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19 patients to 300.

The issue of the capacity to accommodate this critically ill COVID-19 patient is closely watched. This occurred during the period when many agencies issued warnings on the risk of oversupplying the public health system. The use of beds in the ICU has increased from just over two-thirds of the total last week.

Although the Singapore government has announced that it will move towards opening up more countries to fully vaccinated travelers, the epidemic situation has worsened. As a result, disease control measures in the country have been extended until late November, such as allowing only two people to gather.



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