Singer Belgazou passed away

Singer Diane Guérin, known by the stage name Belgazou, has passed away. She suffered from pancreatic cancer.

Posted yesterday at 5:57 p.m.

Marissa Groguhe

Marissa Groguhe
The Press

Popular in the 1980s, she also sang under her real name in the 1990s. The pop singer released her first album under her stage name in 1982, which featured her biggest hit, Talk About It.

On his Facebook page, the singer’s spouse, Christian Montmarquette (ex-member of the group Caramel mou, with whom Diane Guérin had taken her first steps in the world of music), published a brief message: “My spouse and my music partner for years is no more. A shock for me. Rest in peace Diana. »

Born in 1948, the singer originally from Lachine grew up in the Saint-Henri district. She was first a model, then an actress, before turning to music. We saw her in the movie The Dovesby Jean-Claude Lord, but also in secondary roles in Floor and Goblet and the series Networks by Rejean Tremblay. She was also, very briefly, part of the adventure starmaniain a small role, before launching as Belgazou.

After her first album, she released three more albums in 1984 (Fly), 1987 (where is life going) and 1991. His last publication, I still love him, was not very successful. She also contributed to the album eyes of hungerin 1985, a collective musical project of the Quebec-Africa Foundation aimed at helping Ethiopian children affected by famine.

She eventually went back to her birth name to try her luck again with a record that also didn’t work out. In 2000, the singer took a turn and released a children’s album, The enchanted dreamwhich she led on the road for a few years before stepping down for good.

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Diane Guérin had decided to put away the stage name of Belgazou because she had become the target of many mockeries, in particular from the comedians of Rock and Belles Oreilles, who mocked her for years.

At the age of 55, she decided to end her career. She had lived for many years in a corner of the countryside on the edge of a lake in the Lanaudière region.