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published by Celine on Sep 20, 2022 at 1:28 p.m.

This September 19, 2022 on Instagram, Jenifer wanted to present her new baby to his followers!

Jenifer, mother of three, lifts the veil on her new baby

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Since we discovered Jenifer 20 years ago now, the singer has become the mother of Aaron, Joseph and Juvanni. Aaron, the eldest, is already 18 years old! But this does not mean that the artist no longer considers him his ” toddler ».

And speaking of very small, the beauty recently wanted to reveal to her followers her new baby : his album simply called N°9. For the occasion, Jenifer collaborated with Mark Weld, who wrote most of the songs. And as she confides, one of the titles was particularly difficult for her to interpret. The one named: Waiting. A sublime title but that the singer had ” trouble singing » in particular because of the intimate theme evoked: the transmission.

“It took me weeks to successfully sing it, it caused me too many emotions, it’s a song that I now want to dedicate to my children. »

And as confided by the artist who recently revealed herself hotter than ever, given that she had promised her followers to be transparent in his albumsshe could finally only accept to evoke the strong bond that unites him to his sons. Now she wishes this song could ” provoke and evoke emotions “. As well as ” get things out of some people. »

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An album rich in emotion

This Monday, September 19, 2022, promoting his album, the one who recently made an astonishing statement to an actor, was stamping with impatience. And the artist couldn’t help lifting the veil on her new baby.

“I can’t wait to announce that my album n°9 will be available for pre-order on September 26th […] See you without further delay on inlive store. »

Three exclusive volumes (J, E, N!!) to be discovered soon, as indicated by the former winner of the ” Star Academy on his Instagram account.

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