Singer Maria Naumova is not home from India

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The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002 told about it on the social network “Facebook”, conveying greetings from India, where he was “stuck with the whole family” in this difficult situation.

“There is no possibility to return home yet, we very much hope that this opportunity will appear at the end of April,” says Maria, expressing hope that by then all the diseases will be over. “We recently heard an analysis of the virus by local astrologers – they say that in December the four planets reached a certain state, which also caused the whole virus,” says the singer, adding that astrologers are now predicting that in late March and early April everything will change for the better. side: “Let it be so. From the heart’s will, it all ends.”

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Naumova is in India at the time of the New Year – today, March 25, with the entry of 2077. “I want to wish everyone a successful year – we will be able to change our minds, become better, more sincere, so that we can start to perceive the world around us differently, respect nature, people next to us and love ourselves more than we do everyday. Everything is in God ‘s hands, let’ s go ahead and not give up, “Naumova concludes her message.

India, however, does not seem to be the best place for a tourist from Latvia. There are drastic restrictions in the country – people are completely forbidden to leave their homes, and Europeans are viewed there as evil spreaders of the virus. Public transport does not run, offices and churches are closed, city borders are blocked. Only police, doctors and firefighters work, airports are closed, even local flights are banned. Indians will live in such quarantine for 21 days. “If we don’t deal with the next 21 days, we will be given back 21 years,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

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