Singer-musician May it be remedied for cash After having to stop work Because the state ordered the closure of COVID-19 control establishments – the standard

Today (1 February) at the Grievance Center Government House, vocational groups, singers and musicians Submit a letter to Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense As the director of the COVID-19 Situation Center (FEC) asked the government to help heal singers Affected by the epidemic control measures of COVID-19

Skill Silpa Udomchai, a representative of the group, said The group wants to ask the government to help solve the problem and help the professional singer. Independent musicians of the red control areas in 5 provinces: Samut Sakhon, Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani and Samut Prakan. Because entertainment venues, pubs, karaoke bars in this red area have also been closed. According to the epidemic control measures of public health Making it impossible to return to work normally Resulting in unemployment Therefore came to inquire and ask for assistance from the government in 3 issues which are

  1. Urgently, please review the contents of the request for independent professional singer-musicians who have been submitted to Gen. Prayut on January 8, 2021. Because it will help solve the problem to the point
  1. Please review the remedial measures, we won. By wanting to pay in cash Because the measure we won did not pay the remedy in cash Causing no cash to pay debts Accommodation cost Either in the case of installments or rent
  1. If the middle of February can control the outbreak I want to go back to work Where there is a common measure of both parties Because of COVID-19 It will be many more years.

Therefore, the most important measure is Measures of coexistence of all parties By allowing the state and public health to help the group in need Including singers and musicians have to help each other

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Art Skills “We keep losing our jobs. Just the second round, we can’t get it anymore. We are really in great trouble. Do not worry that you will bring it to buy alcohol. Because even the rice is not eaten yet, ”Art skills finally said.

Proofread: Lak Nara Phang Peang Chan