singer-r-kelly-jailed-for-30-years-over-sexual-abuse | Decades of sexual abuse; Singer Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison


American singer Robert Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex crimes. The case against Kelly is that he sexually assaulted young fans and teenage girls. The court found that Kelly abused his popularity sexually and emotionally.

Kelly is accused of sexually abusing girls and women with promises, acting as the leader of a sex racketeering ring, and threatening victims. Judge R. Donnelly passed the sentence after hearing the testimony of many people who escaped from Kelly’s exploitation. In addition, Kelly was sentenced in nine cases, starting with threatening the victims.

There have been sexual and harassment complaints against Kelly in the past, but they never went to court. The police registered a case against the singer after the documentary ‘Surviving R Kelly’ aired on a private channel. His ex-wife came forward against Kelly. After a six-week trial, the court found Kelly guilty in the case last September.