Singing nun who won ‘The voice’ throws her hood over the hedge: “They were the best years of my life”

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Cristina Scuccia, an Italian nun who became world famous after winning the Italian version of The Voice, throws her hood over the hedge. In other words, she renounces her monastic vows and aspires to an artist career.


Tuesday 22 November 2022 at 22:19

The nun has recently started looking like a vamp. She grew and colored her hair, walks in high heels, wears tight dresses and has replaced her silver-rimmed glasses with contact lenses.

Because food has to be put on the table, she temporarily worked as a waitress in a bar. But she hopes to turn her hobby into her profession soon. And that is singing. And she can. She proved this in 2014 when the 25-year-old novice won The Voice Italia with ‘No One’ by Alicia Keys. The jury was impressed by her talent. But also of the guts she had. The Italian did not perform in a glitzy glitter dress like all her competitors, but swung in her black habit. Afterwards she grew into a real sensation in Italy. She sometimes performed several times in a day and secured a contract with the Universal record label.

Her success was praised by Italian cardinals, but she also received criticism. She got it especially after she released her debut album, which contained a cover of Madonna’s song ‘Like a virgin’. The Italian Catholic Church called it “a reckless commercial operation.”

That played a role in her decision to retire.

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She is certainly not the first nun to make a career in showbiz. The Belgian Jeanne Paule Marie Deckers or Soeur Sourire became world famous with her hit ‘Dominique’. She also performed in her habit. Afterwards she was plumbed by the taxes because they demanded part of the proceeds of her musical success. Only, she had never earned a franc from it. All her royalties went to the convent.

Cristina Scuccia says she remains religious and that she certainly has no regrets about her time in the convent. “I never questioned God. Sister Cristina is inside me. I’ve had a great journey, but also a complex and difficult one. They were the best years of my life.”