Sinopharm covid vaccine in children: UAE – uae to trial sinopharm covid vaccine in children aged 3 to 17

Abu Dhabi: The UAE has announced plans to test the Kovid vaccine in children between the ages of three and 17. This is to find out what changes the vaccine will make in terms of immunity in children. Synoform, a Chinese vaccine, is being tested in children. The Abu Dhabi Health Office has given its approval for the experiment, according to the Abu Dhabi Media Office.

The vaccine will be tested on 900 children

The synapse vaccine will be tested on 900 people to find out what kind of reaction the vaccine produces in children against the covid. According to the media office, children from different nationalities, including expatriates, will be selected. Vaccine testing in children can be done only with the full consent of the parents. At the same time, officials said there would be no compromise on security. If the trial is successful, the vaccine will be available to all children of this age in the UAE.

Will be subjected to scrutiny

The vaccine will be tested under close scrutiny by the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Health and Immunization. Information on each stage of the experiment will be shared with parents and older children. The aim is to ensure that children can receive the vaccine safely through clinical trials, said Dr. Kovid, chair of the National Kovid 19 Clinical Management Committee, which is spearheading the project. Nawal al-Kaabi informed. They also assured that they would have 24 hours to answer any queries of the parents of the children participating in the clinical trial.

Aim to prevent covid infection in children

Authorities say children need to be protected from the virus as variants of the Covid genetically modified genus are spreading. The virus has been shown to spread to children and cause serious health problems, according to an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the United Arab Emirates University. Ahmad al-Suwaidi said. It has also been linked to the spread of the virus from children to others. Older people at home are more likely to get the virus from children. It is in this context that the trial begins with the goal of developing immunity in children.

Safe as other vaccines

The latest study shows that the Kovid vaccine is safe for children. Al-Suwaidi informed. With the vaccine against Kovid in our hands, we can overcome the Kovid threat. Vaccines against other infectious diseases have already been shown to be safe for generations, even in young children. He hopes the Kovid vaccine will be safe for children as well. “Synoform is designed to be similar to vaccines for other infectious diseases, and is unlikely to change in children,” he said. Al-Suwaidi said.

Vaccination has started for those between 12 and 15 years of age


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health said that the distribution of vaccines to children between the ages of 12 and 15 in the country is progressing. Pfizer Biotech vaccine is given to children. The aim is to make children more resilient ahead of the resumption of direct classes in schools. In many places, the schools themselves have taken the initiative to make arrangements for the distribution of vaccines to children of this age group. The UAE is one of the fastest growing countries in the world for vaccination. Currently, 135 lakh vaccine doses have been distributed.



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