SIPG’s offensive problem lies in Hulk, Shanghai media: dare to put him on the bench first

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Original title: Shanghai SIPG’s offensive problem lies in Hulk. Shanghai media: dare to put him on the bench first

Article source: Morning News

The second round of the Chinese Super League semi-finals will be held today. Shanghai SIPG will face Jiangsu Suning at 3:30 pm. With a 1:1 draw between the two teams in the first leg, SIPG is still preparing to win the game in a more secure way and advance to the final.

At yesterday’s pre-match press conference, SIPG coach Pereira has made it clear that he is not worried about the difficulty of scoring goals in the team’s sports games. The tactical idea of ​​this game is to focus on stability and maintain a balance between offense and defense. .

This means that the SIPG team is basically the same as the first three games of the second stage of the Chinese Super League. They will not rush to attack, but patiently organize attacks or wait for their opponents to make mistakes.

Pereira’s idea is not bad, after all, objectively speaking, the overall strength of the SIPG team is still higher than Suning. It is a very normal idea to stabilize the defense first, and then seek to seize one or two opportunities to score and win.

However, in recent games, SIPG’s ability to seize opportunities is still a bit worrying. What’s more, in the first round match against Suning, SIPG didn’t even have many decent scoring opportunities under the tight defense of the opponent. Fortunately, SIPG’s best chance to score a goal in the whole game was “held” by the opposing defender Zhang Cheng and contributed an own goal.

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The crux of SIPG’s offensive problem lies in captain Hulk. Although he is a right winger on the court, he prefers to go to the midfield to get the ball and then force the ball to break forward.

This kind of play is first of all to distract the team’s offensive core Oscar’s ball. Secondly, Hulk did not like to cooperate with his teammates for the first time when the team switched from defensive to offensive, but now his ability to excel is greatly reduced, so it is easy for his opponent to steal the ball. The SIPG team used to be very good at seizing the opportunity of offensive and defensive conversion to initiate a blitz. Now such a scene is hard to see.

What’s more terrible is that Hulk always has to argue with opponents and referees after being intercepted, and even instantaneous “petrification” occurs, completely ignoring the game on the field. The opponent directly launched an offensive, and the SIPG team was equal to one less person.

In the first round of the match between the two teams, after Hulk went off the field, SIPG launched an equalizing attack in the fastest, direct and effective way.

Oscar took the ball in the middle with a very concise long pass and directly found Wang Shenchao who was in the gap on the right. The latter cut into the penalty area and then passed. Lu Wenjun outflanked the goal in exchange for the opponent’s own goal.

The habit of so many years has been developed, so Hulk just can’t change the style of being a man on the court. That being the case, can SIPG coach Pereira, or dare to say, another way to give play to the characteristics of the captain.

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Without arranging Hulk to start, let him stand by on the bench as the team’s backman. In the second half, after the opponent’s physical fitness declines, he will be replaced by Hulk to make a strong breakthrough, becoming the new force and hot spot in the SIPG team’s attack. This effect may be better.Return to Sohu to see more


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