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If you own an iPhone, Siri will have asked for something at least once. Often you ask the digital assistant questions just for fun. But Siri's answer to the question as to when World War III will begin is less amusing: According to her, this one is about to break out next week.

If you ask Siri this question in German, she even gives a specific date: Monday, December 3, 2018. In brackets is the word "Hanukkah" – the Jewish festival of lights, which also begins on Monday. What the festival has to do with the war, however, is unclear. Whether this bug exists in other language versions is not yet known.

Sputnik has done a little experiment – and it is true: Siri prophesies World War III on December 3, 2018. It is only to be hoped that the digital assistant is wrong and that it is a misunderstanding. Or a joke from the developers.

The question of the end of the world has Siri according to "standard" so far answered on January 19, 2038.



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