Sirion 2022 Test Drive Notes, Here are the Advantages Compared to Brio RS

Harryt / Otomotifnet

Media test drive Daihatsu New Sirion in Manado city, North Sulawesi (21-23/06/2022) – On the occasion of the Daihatsu New Sirion test drive, which was held in the city of Manado, North Sulawesi (21/06/2022), it was revealed the advantages of the New Sirion over the Honda Brio RS.

Yupsboth of them compete in the segment city carwhich each has its own advantages.

Even the selling price of the two is slightly adrift.

Even so, the Daihatsu New Sirion 2022 should be appreciated because it has features that are superior to the Brio RS.

As a result, the competition in the market is getting hot again city car hatchback which now looks sexy because it targets established millennials.

Sirion 2022 features that the Brio RS doesn’t have, starting with idle stop system.

Its function is to make fuel consumption more efficient by turning off the car engine in idling conditions.

For example, when you are at a red light, or in a traffic jam.

Then the feature is instantly active.

Then to turn on the engine again, just step on the gas pedal.

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