Sister of Youtube stars in plane crash died

Sister of Youtube stars in plane crash

The crash of an ultra-light aircraft in Hesse on Saturday killed an 18-year-old passenger and the 32-year-old pilot. The propeller aircraft crashed, according to the police at Bensheim in the south of the state.
As the ” Hessenschau “The dead woman is the sister of the twins Johannes and Philipp Mickenberger – Youtube stars who are known on the internet together with a friend under the stage name” The Real Life Guys. “The trio has on Youtube more than 300,000 subscribers. Cause still unclear The bodies will be examined on Tuesday. The investigators hope that the autopsy will draw conclusions about the cause of the crash. The first results of the forensic examination could according to the information already in the afternoon. According to the investigation, the light aircraft was launched on Sunday at 15 clock for a sightseeing flight from the airfield Worms. From initially unexplained cause, it crashed near the highway 5 at Bensheim. Experts from the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation secured the tracks on Sunday. For the recovery of the machine also specialists of the state criminal investigation came. The investigation into the cause of the crash may take several weeks, according to the information. In the video: Burnt corpse is next to the football field – despite the ID card police do not know who it is

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