Home News Sisters die in a Miami apartment complex

Sisters die in a Miami apartment complex

Two women died in front of an apartment complex in Miami, South Florida, early this Sunday after being victims of a firearm attack perpetrated from a vehicle that left two other men injured.

The Miami-Dade County Police is on the scene, a public construction building in the Liberty City neighborhood, and has counted about 25 shots produced in the incident, according to the Miami Herald newspaper.

The two injured people are admitted to the Jackson Memorial Hospital, although they do not have fatal injuries, according to the police.

According to relatives told local media, the victims were sisters of about 20 years of age who resided in neighboring Broward County and who were on the scene of the events visiting friends.

According to witnesses, at 1:00 a.m. a vehicle with four occupants stopped in front of the apartment complex and then the men fired, although it is estimated that the attackers' targets were not the women who perished at the scene.

Soon after, agents discovered the vehicle, which had fled, and when they tried to board it its occupants fled on footHowever, they managed to arrest one of them whose identity has not been disseminated.

The Police continues, with a large deployment of by means, the search of the other three fugitives and presumed responsible for this attack, of which until now their motives are unknown.



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