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Sitcom wives have lazy husbands who do not deserve them. Now there could be a sitcom.

It's been just over a year since "Kevin Can Wait" killed Erinn Hayes' character after just one season, a very strange move as she played a main character – Donna Gable, Kevin's wife of 20 years. To fuel the burning fire in the audience's hearts, the CBS sitcom replaced Hayes with Leah Remini, former co-star of Kevin James of King of Queens. The ratings dropped and the network finally shut down the show in May.

Although Donna was a high-profile case, she was not the only abused woman in the sitcom story, and this has not gone unnoticed. AMC Networks announced Friday that the project "Kevin Can F *** Himself" is being developed by developer Valerie Armstrong and executive producers Rashida Jones and Will McCormack.

The aim of the series is to "uncover the secret life of a woman we all grew up with: the sitcom woman," the network said in a statement. "A beauty paired with a less attractive, dismissive, caveman-like husband who becomes an idiot because she is a fool and is" weird. " The show aims to illuminate the secret life by switching between "single-camera realism and multi" camera zaniness. "

Hayes even tweeted about it:

This project is the second buzz this week that directly challenges the long-standing Hollywood tropics. The first? "Isn't It Romantic," an upcoming film focused on a cynical woman (Rebel Wilson) who is facing her worst nightmare when she is caught in a cheesy romantic comedy. (Yes, the same movie Wilson promoted when she falsely claimed to be the "first plus-size girl" directing a Rome com.)

AMC opened an authoring room for the sitcom – and the workplace drama "Rainy Day People" – under its "Script-to-Series" development model, which is used for projects with promising pilot scripts.

"In doing so, AMC abandons the traditional pilot process by opening authoring rooms that develop scripts and a detailed look at a potential first season for several episodes before deciding whether to go into a series order," Deadline recently reported Year.

While there is no guarantee that "Kevin Can F *** Himself" will make it to the finish, AMC Program President David Madden did Note that the network has "great experiences" with the creative team behind it. Things are looking up. We (Kevin) can not wait!

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