Business Six Girona companies will receive 450,000 euros to recycle...

Six Girona companies will receive 450,000 euros to recycle industrial waste


Six Girona companies will receive 450,000 euros to manage and recycle their industrial waste. The Ministry of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat, through the Waste Agency of Catalonia (ARC), informed in a statement yesterday that in order to obtain aid companies must fulfill the objectives that have been proposed and the requirements of the call, as well as the investment. Specifically, the companies that benefit from these grants are LC Paper S.A. (100,000 euros), Resinas Olot S.L. (79,480 euros), Francisco Pages Valenti S.A. (two lots of 16,000 and 35,000 euros), Medichem S.A. (116,880 euros) and Nalco Española Manufacturing S.L.U. (100,000 euros).

The ARC has resolved to provide more than € 3 million in grants to 55 companies that will develop projects for the prevention, preparation for reuse and recycling of industrial waste.

The initiative falls within the framework of the calls for grants of the ARC published in 2019. Specifically, in the corresponding of the grants to execute projects of prevention, preparation for the reuse and recycling of industrial waste. The purpose of this call is to promote actions to improve the environmental performance of companies in the field of waste management. Although initially provided with € 1 million, the budget was later expanded to € 3.3 million.

As an example, one of the subsidized projects is a graphic arts company for the reduction of containers that have been contaminated by ink waste, or others for the reduction of paper waste through the optimization of separation and pressing.



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