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six months firm required against Nicolas Sarkozy

by archyw

A one-year prison sentence including a six-month suspended sentence and a 3,750 euro fine were requested this Thursday against Nicolas Sarkozy, tried since May 20 before the Paris Criminal Court for the excessive spending of his campaign presidential election of 2012.

“Total casually”

At the end of an indictment with two votes, the prosecutors underlined the “total carelessness” of the former head of state in the management of the finances of a campaign “in massive gold”, which cost nearly the double the authorized limit.

“Nicolas Sarkozy obviously does not regret anything since he only came to one hearing,” said prosecutor Vanessa Perrée. And to continue with a lively tn: “This behavior of not considering oneself as a litigant like any other, as a citizen among the citizens, is in keeping with what it was during this presidential campaign, situating out of the fray “.

Three years suspended for Jérôme Lavrilleux

Eighteen months to four years in prison suspended were required against the 13 other defendants.

Prosecutors have thus asked for three years in prison and a 50,000 euro fine for the former deputy director of the campaign, Jérôme Lavrilleux, the only one to have recognized the fraud.

Against the three former executives of Bygmalion who admitted to having accepted the establishment of the system of false invoices, eighteen months of suspended prison were required.

The heaviest sentence (4 years probation) was required against Eric Cesari, former director general of the UMP, and Guillaume Lambert, who was the director of the campaign in 2012.

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