Six pit-through penalties and one pit lane start / Moto3

In the Moto3 class, there are still more penalties. Six drivers received a pit-through penalty for the Assen GP after Q1. For Riccardo Rossi it is a pit lane start, but for a different reason.

Riccardo Rossi, who experienced anxious moments in FP3 on Saturday when he could no longer avoid the Pedro Acosta who had fallen in front of him and crashed heavily, will be able to contest the eighth race of the season today. However, the BOE driver is tackling it with a heavy mortgage: He is starting out of the pit lane because he was illegally driving on the “TT Circuit Assen” on June 14th.

This violates Article 1.15.1 of the “FIM World Championship Grand Prix Regulations” for test and training restrictions because a World Championship driver is no longer allowed to train on the respective track without permission from the racing clothing within the 14 days before a Grand Prix.

Lorenzo Fellon (SIC58 Squadra Corse), Andi Izdihar (Honda Team Asia), Joel Kelso (CIP Green Power), Yuki Kunii (Honda Team Asia), Jaume Masia (Red Bull KTM Ajo) and Takuma Matsuyama (Honda Team Asia) committed against it a much more frequent offense: yesterday, Saturday, in the final phase of Q1, you were once again driving too slowly after the group had gone out on the track together. In turns 1 and 2 they watched and disturbed each other.

The FIM MotoGP Stewards Panel found that the strategic decision to leave the pit lane at a time that encouraged such incidents contributed to this. This circumstance is an aggravating factor.

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After the driver and team had repeatedly been informed of this “irresponsible driving style” and the associated dangers in briefings, emails and warnings, the rulers resorted to a tougher sanction: The six drivers named above all have to be punished by a drive-through penalty in the Moto3 race in Assen complete.

As a reminder: Wildcard driver Matsuyama received a long lap penalty on Friday. Husqvarna teammates Romano Fenati and Adrian Fernandez even have to take the detour twice in FP1 because of “irresponsible behavior”.

Moto3 result, Assen, Q2 (June 26th):

1. Alcove, Honda, 1: 41,194 min
2. Fenati, Husqvarna, + 0.212 sec
3. Foggia, Honda, + 0.278
4. Garcia, GASGAS, + 0,279
5. Toba, KTM, +0.285
6. Rodrigo, Honda, +0.340
7. Antonelli, KTM, + 0.473
8. Binder, Honda, +0.561
9. Artigas, Honda, + 0.684
10. Masia, KTM, + 0.809
11. McPhee, Honda, + 0,849
12. Suzuki, Honda, +0.862
13. Guevara, GASGAS, + 1,000
14. Fellon, Honda, + 1,194
15. Pioneer, KTM, +1,198
16. Bartolini, KTM, + 1,332
17. Migno, Honda, + 1,345

Without time:
Acosta, KTM

Moto3 result, Assen, Q1:

1. Masia, KTM, 1:41,932 min
2. Artigas, Honda, + 0.108 sec
3. Fellon, Honda, +0,922
4. Guevara, GASGAS, + 0.963
5. Kelso, KTM, + 1,009
6. Kunii, Honda, +1,079
7. Fernandez, Husqvarna, + 1,230
8. Yamanaka, KTM, +1.254
9. Matsuyama, Honda, +1,326
10. Izdihar, Honda, + 2,388

Without time:
Rossi, KTM
Surra, Honda
Nepa, KTM