Six sisters together on stage in divorce performance | 1Limburg

For her education as a theater maker, the Venlo Jazzy van Wersch asked her five sisters to create a performance together. The six sisters came together through two divorces.

Six sisters with six parents together. That fact forms the basis for the performance Zus6en.

Divorce in our society
Jazzy van Wersch was looking for a subject for a performance that she had to make for her education. “I actually really wanted to make a performance with and for children. Separating the theme in our society would be the subject. I think that is a subject that should be discussed more,” says the young theater maker during a rehearsal in Theater de Garage.

Kitchen table
“I was brooding at home at the kitchen table with all my sisters. I thought: ‘huh, we came together through divorce’. That can hardly be better than that I ask them to participate.” That’s how it happened. Her five sisters were immediately enthusiastic.

play every sunday
Working out the idea and knitting it around was still a challenge. Firstly, logistics: the youngest sisters still live in Venlo and complete their secondary education there. Jazzy is studying in Amsterdam and two other sisters live in Roermond and Arnhem.

Theater de Garage in Venlo offered a solution. Especially because there were hardly any activities due to corona, they were given a key and from January on, rehearsals and creations took place every Sunday.

According to Jazzy, there were plenty of ideas. Several sisters already had dancing and acting experience. This automatically created a performance consisting of several parts. From scenes with text to dance pieces to music. “They are different reflections on the divorces in our family. Everyone does that from their own discipline and talent.”

Venlo and Amsterdam
The show is now well underway. It has to be, because at the end of May it will be performed for the first time in Amsterdam. The performance can be seen on Saturday evening 18 June and Sunday afternoon 19 June at Theater de Garage.