At its annual event, Apple presented new iPhones and an Apple Watch. But about some promised equipment, the group was silent. An overview of things that were missing.

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On Wednesday Apple presented to the cheers of the audience three new iPhones and a new version of the Apple Watch. The smart watch is characterized among other things by an ECG function. In the case of iPhones, the high price is being discussed: Apple is asking for 1,649 euros for the iPhone Xs Max.

Presentation at a pompous show: New Apple Watch with ECG and emergency call function. (Source: Reuters)

However, more than just iPhones and an Apple Watch had been expected. In the run-up to rumors circulated in the network, among other rumors about new Mac computers and a charging mat for Apple devices. Also, Apple secretly removed four iPhones from its range. An overview of things that Apple concealed on Wednesday:

1. Apple buries four iPhone models

Without warning, Apple has taken four iPhones from the range: Anyone looking on the Apple side under the heading "iPhone" for new smartphones can not find any devices of the series 6, the iPhone SE or the iPhone X. Especially the last device not even a year old. As the page "Meedia" reports, the iPhone X could have been taken in favor of the new iPhone Xr from the assortment.

The iPhone SE was the smallest iPhone on the market with four inches and was released in March 2016. Especially for its size and manageability it was popular with many users. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus appeared in 2015. All devices can currently buy through third-party retailers.

2. No new Mac computers

Already in July, Apple refreshed the most expensive version of its MacBook Pro laptops – with the touch-sensitive TouchBar strip above the keyboard – with new processors. According to information from the financial service Bloomberg could be replaced for years hardly changed MacBook Air by a new entry-level model with a higher-resolution screen and faster chips. Also, the MacBook and the MacBook Air are waiting for a renewal. According to Bloomberg also the small desk calculator Mac mini is to be updated. On his keynote Apple announced but no new Mac devices.

3. No new iPad

Also, Apple concealed information about a new iPad. The Pro version of the device was released in 2017, since then Apple fans are waiting for a new variant of the tablet. As the tech site "PC Hardware" speculates, both new MacBooks and new iPads could probably be presented at a separate event in October 2018.

4. Charging mat AirPower is probably dead

A year ago, Apple announced the charge mat AirPower. With the wireless battery of iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods should be able to be refilled at the same time. According to media reports, the technical implementation of the concept was difficult. The keynote did not say a word about the charging mat. And as it turns out, Apple has probably given up the device: The Group has removed almost all references to the loading mat from its website. This reports the tech site "". Only one picture on the Apple website for the wireless headphones AirPods shows the device.

5. AirPods 2 were missing

Apple also expected a new model of AirPods earphones. The wireless earplugs have become a hit in the last two years. A year ago, Apple also promised a transport box for the earphones. Users should be able to charge the earphones using the box via an inductive charging station. This year, every hint of such a box or new AirPods was missing.

Apple's AirPod at a media event 2016. (Source: Reuters / Beck Diefenbach)Apple's AirPod at a media event 2016. (Source: Beck Diefenbach / Reuters)

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6. No information about the launch of Apple Pay in Germany

A start of Apple Pay in Germany was repeatedly speculated in recent years. Apple has already launched the service in many other European countries. Also that Competition product Google Pay There are already in this country. It was even premeditated that Apple Pay could appear in Germany this year, But at his event, Apple was silent about a possible start in Germany.

With Apple Pay, an iPhone or a computer clock from Apple can replace the debit or credit card. To pay you keep the devices in the shop to the terminal. The cash register technology has to support contactless payment via NFC radio – a large part of the terminals in Germany have already been retrofitted accordingly. You can also pay with Apple Pay for online purchases and apps.



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