Six Wellness Centers welcome 293 older adults who were in a condition of abandonment

San Camilo Home FoundationAsilo Granja San José, Asilo San Antonio, Tus Abuelos Barranquilla, Canitas de Vida, Hogar Mis Mejores Años Foundation are the centers that currently operate in Barranquilla.

The Secretary of Social Management, Santiago Vasquezhighlighted that the unit has been carrying out strategic actions that have a significant impact on the population of elderly people who are in a state of abandonment, without a family and social support network.

“The first thing we do when an older person enters any of the 6 Wellness Centers is to obtain their citizenship card, then ensure their health and other fundamental rights of human dignity,” said Vásquez.

The Wellness Centers are long-term accommodation, where the elderly have adequate, clean, pleasant, safe places for their attention, as well as a team of interdisciplinary professionals in nnutrition, psychology, medicinephysiotherapy, nursing, dentistry and social work, which promotes their independence and autonomy.

“When we welcome the abandoned elderly person in the Wellness Centers, we guarantee and restore their rights. This project develops its offer through 6 Wellness Centers trained and trained with optimal professionals to provide the necessary care to the beneficiaries from a multifocal approach that promotes the integrity and functionality for this group, as well as their facilities, which give the security of a profitable and empathetic hosting”, said the portfolio manager.