Six years after the death of Tamás Somló, the singer’s widow broke the silence

Gyöngyvér Keszthelyi has never made a statement about Tamás Somló since the death of his beloved partner, but now he sees the time has come to tell him that the singer’s last day has passed.

It’s been six years since he left

Everyone was shocked by the news in 2016, when it turned out that Tamás Somló, the singer of Locomotiv GT, had died at the age of 68. A legend left at that time, as Somló himself was the music: he played wind instruments, played the violin, played the piano, played the bass guitar, and also sang, and gained many successful songs during his career. But he didn’t just mean that: he also studied juggling, acrobatics, ballet, pantomime, and karate at the State Art School, so he became a truly versatile talent as an adult, yet he chose the music scene. His career came to an end when, after the departure of Károly Frenreisz, he became the singer of the Locomotiv GT, and thus the whole country got to know his name – but he was not satisfied with it, he longed for the novelty in his whole life. He became not only a singer but also a lawyer. Unfortunately, the life of the always curious Somló did not last forever: the singer left the earthly life here due to a long-term, serious illness, and her sweetheart and daughter Lili still mourn her to this day. Somló’s widow, Gyöngyvér Keszthelyi, had so far lost her partner in silence, but now she felt strong enough to tell the last days of the musician on TV2’s Facts.

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