Sixteen new cases of coronavirus diagnosed in LA County; Total now 69 – NBC Los Angeles

According to official reports, 16 new cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in Los Angeles County on Sunday.

According to the county health department, the total number of cases reported in the county is 69. Ten are likely to be transmission cases in the community.

According to the agency:

  • One case has an unidentified source of exposure.
  • Three cases were uncovered during the last trip.
  • Two cases were healthcare workers who were exposed to healthcare.
  • Four cases were in close contact with a confirmed case.
  • Five of these cases are still pending.
  • One is the case that was reported yesterday by the Long Beach Health Department.

Health experts continue to encourage people across the country to stay at home, avoid crowds, and practice “social distancing” to stop the spread of the novel 2019 corona virus.

“We expect more cases and greater prevalence in the community as more testing is done,” said Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County Public Health Director, in a written statement.

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