Škoda Enyaq Coupé RS iV

The coupe shape does not necessarily mean that the interior can only be used with compromise. The clever draw of the Enyaq Coupé is that it has a fixed, non-openable, heat-reflecting glass top as opposed to a traditional disc, upholstery combo, saving a few inches that the car would have lost in the headroom due to its sportier profile. An extra benefit is that the incoming light makes the cabin look even more spacious, even though you don’t really need optical tuning. The air gap between the heads of the taller people and the ceiling is almost wide at the front, and there can be no complaint about the ceiling height in the back row either.

To feel on your home that you have come to feel at home – the fancy names of the interiors also evoke: Loft, Lodge, Lounge, Suite, although we came across only one of the fluffy furnishings while sitting in the RS version. Pleasant to the touch, quality materials everywhere, complete with an exciting design, pretty decorative stitching, and the little jokes you’ve come to expect from Škoda. Only the plastic element of the door puller protrudes a bit from this line of quality, it’s just a bare piece of plastic, without upholstery, soft coating.

The central display is clearly visible

The dashboard is relatively small, rising to just 5.3 inches in the age of monitor-sized monitor surfaces. You don’t even need to be bigger here, it can be displayed in this size, and the HUD can also project a lot of information on the windshield, from speed to navigation instructions to lane data. The center display has grown larger, with a 13-inch parade image quality, but a little weird, just soaring to the top of the center console. True, if it were integrated, it could not be placed in such a high, visible place. Although not many, there are also physical buttons that help you navigate the menus by taking you immediately to the settings for each function.

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Its flattened steering wheel is pretty, but it’s also good to feel, and the small rollable metal cylinders are great to use. It’s a shame that neither the climate nor the volume control got a normal button outside the volume wheel on the steering wheel. Smaller and larger compartments, pockets, cavities, waiting for things you need while traveling, there is a double cup holder, folding armrest, a phone / tablet pocket on the back of the seats, a removable small storage compartment in the rear legroom and USB-C sockets in numbers.

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The dashboard is tiny, but it knows everything

The boot is slightly smaller – 15 liters – than the standard body variant Enyaq, 570 liters. On the other hand, the rear seats can be tilted from the boot after pulling an arm, almost flat – in this case the boot is 1610 liters – there is a 12-volt connector, decent lighting, deep cavities for the charging cable, but unfortunately there is no extra boot in the nose. There’s an umbrella that can be pulled out of the driver’s door, however, and there’s the usual ice scraper, though not under the fuel cap, but slid into the side of the motorized tailgate.