The Skoda Fabia, which grew larger than four meters, with its definite, handsome design, amazingly imaginative and livable interior, spacious passenger compartment and the largest boot in its category, can be an especially interesting choice among small cars.

Its engine range is also wide, lasting from 65 to 150 horsepower and even available with an automatic transmission. It can also be supplemented with extras – heated steering wheel, heated windshield, digital dashboard – which are relatively rare in this category.

And now we know the price, the car appeared in the domestic configurator on October 14th. The models ordered in pre-sale are expected to arrive in Hungary in the first half of 2022.

The new Fabia Go funding it can be taken home for up to HUF 4,555 million. The basic model is rich in equipment, including a manual climate control, among many other things. The Go models are available with a one-liter, 80-horsepower petrol engine.