Škoda introduced the electric bus to the public for the first time, passengers in Prague will start driving in January

DPP will deploy buses on lines from Strašnická and Želivský to Jižní Město.

Dopravní podnik hl. The City of Prague (DPP) and Škoda Transportation introduced a new electric bus for Prague. The Škoda E’CITY vehicle is one of the main attractions of the Czechbus trade fair, which began today in Letňany. DPP has ordered a total of 14 of them. Its testing is currently underway; it will be the first to appear on the Prague Integrated Transport routes in January.

“We are operationally ready, I firmly believe that by the end of this year we will be able to take over the first vehicle and the first passengers will ride with it after the New Year. We expect the remaining 13 vehicles during February next year,“Adds Petr Witowski, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of DPP.

The contract in Prague was won by Škoda Electric, a joint project with its sister company Temsa from Turkey. Temsa supplies the body for the electric bus; complete electrical equipment, including batteries, is supplied by Škoda Electric. The bodies travel from Turkey to Pilsen on a truck trailer. DPP plans to deploy new vehicles mainly on lines 154 (Strašnická – Koleje Jižní Město) and 213 (Želivského – Jižní Město / Uhříněves Railway Station). The total value of the contract, including possible options (for example, for the purchase of new batteries) is 207 million crowns.

Prague promises to reduce emissions from electric buses, and is gradually preparing further electrification of bus lines. “Passengers will certainly appreciate the comfortable equipment – such as full-vehicle air conditioning, comfortable seats, a sophisticated information system and also a quiet ride. Thanks to the opportunistic charging system, the battery will be replenished from the existing traction infrastructure during the day and then the battery will be slowly charged and balanced overnight.“Said Petr Brzezina, President of the Škoda Transportation Group.

Charging even during the day

The electric bus has a so-called two-pole charging with a galvanically isolated charger on the car. In practice, this means that during the day, when the car is in operation, its traction battery is repeatedly charged from the existing infrastructure for tram or trolleybus lines planned in the future using a pantograph. DPP has the infrastructure for this type of recharging already prepared at the final stops Strašnická and Želivského. Charging will take place here for 15 to 30 minutes, which will replenish part of the total battery capacity, which will allow the vehicle to complete the next circuit on the line.

The advantage of this solution is the ideal control of the car’s energy balance, and especially the low cost of the charging infrastructure. Electric buses equipped with this type of charging have a longer daily range and greater flexibility in deployment on different lines. In addition, Prague will receive advanced energy management of the entire vehicle fleet from the Škoda Transportation Group, which will enable cost-effective battery charging and extend battery life.“Both companies state in a press release.

Technical information about the Škoda E’CITY electric bus

The new electric bus for DPP is of the Standard (Sd) type for city lines, has a length of 12 meters and a design speed of 80 km / h. Its exterior paint is in the new color style of Prague Integrated Transport (PID) vehicles and its technical specifications meet new PID quality standards.

E’CITY is a fully low-floor emission-free battery vehicle that has a guaranteed range of more than 100 kilometers on a single charge for the entire designed battery life, including heating or cooling the interior. The charging power is up to 150 kW and charging takes place using a two-pole pantograph located on the vehicle and an on-board galvanically isolated charger directly from the 600 V / 750 V DC network. It is also possible to use the option of charging the plug-in overnight at the depot from the outlet. Air conditioning and heating are also solved purely electrically. The driver’s cab is closed due to higher safety requirements.

The electric bus has space for two prams or wheelchairs, as well as spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility. The electric bus is equipped with a modern information and check-in system, including automatic passenger counting and equipment for the blind. There is also a camera system for passenger safety.

Basic technical data of the Škoda E’CITY electric bus

Manufacturer: ŠKODA ELECTRIC as
Length: 12,095 m
Width: 2.55 m
Height: 3.3 m
Wheelbase: 5,805 mm
Total maximum weight: 19,000 kg
Top speed: 80 km / h
Number of doors: 3 double
Boarding height: 32 cm
Total number of seats: min. 28 (of which 2 folding)
Total number of passengers: 69
Declared service life: min. 12 years
Engine power: 160 kW
Fast charging power: up to 150 kW
Backup plug-in charging: The vehicle is equipped with a standardized charging socket type CCS 2.


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