Skoda Superb 2023 fell in price on the Russian market

A little time has passed since the new 2023 Skoda Superb was brought to Russia. However, this car turned out to be unpopular. At least that’s what one of the domestic dealers said, who had to lower prices for the Czech model: now they are asking for a minimum of 3.67 million rubles. That is, the car in just one week fell in price by almost 200 thousand rubles.

Recall that the Czech model was brought to Russia from China. In our country, it is available with a single 1.4-liter turbo engine. The declared maximum output of the unit does not exceed 150 hp. It comes with a branded German “robot”. The Czech liftback does not have all-wheel drive.

The car is presented in one of the average configurations. It is equipped with multimedia standard for the Czech brand, climate control equipment for 2 zones and other options. Author: Fedor Averiev

2023-05-30 08:06:00

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