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Pay-TV provider Sky is changing its tariff structure and lowering prices. The two-year subscription period does not apply. After the first year of their subscription, customers can also cancel monthly, but then the booked packages become a little more expensive. An extension for another year is possible at more favorable conditions. In the new tariff structure, the previously customary paid options for HD or the Sky-Q receiver are no longer available.

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Sky Q, Sky Go and HD are now included in the new “Entertainment” basic package, which costs EUR 12.50 a month with a one-year term. This includes numerous series – including HBO and TNT – as well as Sky productions. For € 7.50 more, the “Entertainment Plus” package also includes Netflix (standard subscription with HD). The basic package can be combined with various other packages: Bundesliga soccer (12.50 euros), sports with international football (5 euros), cinema (10 euros) and the new kids package (5 euros).

After the first year, the subscription is only extended by one month at a time. With the exception of the kids package, the price of the booked packages then increases by 2.50 euros per month. If you want to keep the cheaper tariffs, you have to extend it by one year in good time. Existing customers should also have this option. “With our new packages and our new pricing structure, we are making it easier and more convenient for our customers,” CEO Devesh Raj explains the new subscription structure.

Sky has not yet completely cleaned up with the paid options. If you want to see selected UHD content in 4K, you have to book the UHD option for 5 euros per month. With additional options, users can watch Sky via two receivers (multiscreen, 10 euros) or multiple streams on mobile devices (Sky Go Plus, 5 euros). Sky charges a one-time “service fee” of 12.90 euros for shipping the receiver.

With the new tariff structure, Sky is responding to the increased competition from streaming services with films, series and sports. At least the majority of the German federal leagues were able to secure Sky again recently, but competitors like DAZN and, in the long term, Amazon are also involved in football.

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In addition, the provider apparently wants to put an end to the discount hunt popular with existing customers. So far, Sky has lured new customers with attractive discounts for the first year, after which prices rose significantly. Resourceful customers quit in good time and usually received an offer for further discounts.

It remains to be seen how generously discounted existing customers, who are currently purchasing the complete package for significantly less than 40 euros, will react to the new price structure. With an annual term, the entire package is now cheaper than the previous nominal prices, but may mean a noticeable price increase for the discount kings. And in the flexible monthly tariff, Sky now costs 5 euros more than before.

According to a spokesman, a price reduction for the streaming offer Sky Ticket is not planned: “We already expanded the price structure here last December with the sport ticket for 9.99 euros per month as an alternative to the supersport ticket.” The Supersport ticket, which, in contrast to the sports ticket, also includes the individual Bundesliga games, continues to cost just under EUR 30 a month and is therefore not particularly attractive in the new price structure.


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