Skyrim fan’s grandmother made a table dedicated to the game


Redditor EbenIsDaBomb shared an image of his grandmother’s Skyrim-style desk. The image shows a table completely covered with items from the game. In addition to the world map, a variety of crystals, candles, sculptures and incense are scattered throughout. In the corner, you can even see a reference to the iconic sweet roll from the game.

After the post got a high rating, its author shared that his grandmother was very happy with the warm welcome and she even took a look at her Reddit account to reply to some of the comments. According to EbenIsDaBomb, his grandmother is in her 70s and loves the game world. Apparently, her husband was a gamer and she felt excluded from talking about games, so she was bought a console and a copy of Skyrim.

Many in the comments wished that they had the same cool grandparents as EbenIsDaBomb, or at least those who were interested in their gaming hobby. The grandmother responded to a request to “adopt” her as her own grandmother, stating that she could never have too many grandchildren.