Skyrocketing Prices | still big problems when we go shopping

Why prices are still skyrocketing and what is it that we are paying the most today. The relationship with the last two years is tremendous.

Skyrocketing prices, the problem persists and has unfortunately been like this for a year and more. It was the end of 2022 when the first signs of this had occurred. Between the production crisis, the increase in raw materials and more, the situation deteriorated very quickly.

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To the point that all of last year was characterized by price increases and skyrocketing prices. Everything has increased since then, with inflation up to 11% and with what we have to pay for petrol, diesel, electricity and gas bills and basic necessities and not only increased by a lot.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, even now the prices are skyrocketing. We can realize this by looking at how much a pack of sugar or a liter of milk. And since it’s Easter time, some of us will remember one detail very well.

And that is how skyrocketing the prices of chocolate eggs are compared to what the price list was a year ago. There are several reasons for the rises and the high cost of living, and for inflation which – although it has dropped to 9% is still very high.

Skyrocketing prices, because many things still cost a lot

There are also problems with wheat, with Ukraine and Russia being among the world’s top exporters. The ongoing conflict because of Moscow has created enormous problems in the obviously social sphere (and here the situation is tragic with the many deaths caused).

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But there are implications from an economic point of view as well. The war increased the cost of raw materials and created serious problems for Third World countries as well, which supplied themselves with grain from Central Europe.

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From July 2022 and then later with a renewal implemented in November, there was an agreement between Ukraine and Russia to pass that grain along the Black Sea and towards Africa. Now, however, Moscow risks perpetrating yet another blackmail.

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To date, the agreements will remain in force only until next May. To renew them, the Kremlin demands the abolition of some of the sanctions that have been rightly imposed on it.

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Meanwhile, for the madness of the Russian government we are the ones paying, with our daily shopping, and the poor who are getting poorer with each passing day. The UN and the European Union are making every effort to contain any type of crisis in the economic and food fields.