Nazaneen Ghaffar targeted by trolls (Image: Anthony Harvey / REX / Shutterstock) Skywetter girl Nazaneen Ghaffar has admitted how she cried after a troll hurled her over her weight online and told her to "stand sideways stay".
The 33-year-old has appeared as a weather presenter on Sky's Sunrise program since 2010 and has responded to the abuse of a Twitter troll by returning it to her followers.
The original tweet read: "Naz, either lose weight or stop standing sideways to the viewer, you are really unnecessarily overweight.

Why is MY weight of YOUR concern?
Think before you speak. You do not know what's going on in my private life. And no matter, I'm still the same person on the inside – whatever my weight. That's all that counts.
– Nazaneen Ghaffar (@SkyNewsNaz)
July 13, 2018

"Your circled image on your profile shows what you were like, so take a grip now, cut out the carbohydrates, and it will fall off."
In response, Nazaneen wrote, "Why is my weight on YOUR concern?

Nazaneen organizes the morning forecast for Sky's sunrise program (Image: Sky) "Think before you speak, you do not know what's going on in my private life, and no matter, I'm still the same person on the inside – so what always my weight. That's all that matters. & # 39;
A number of moderators came in their defense, with Kimberley Leonard of Sky, writing: "One of the most natural most beautiful people I know and one of the nicest."

One of the most natural beauties I know and one of the most beautiful.
– Kimberley Leonard (@KimberleyeLeo)
July 13, 2018

What is the actual fk? Drive away your wretched little man
– Matt Johnson (@Mattjohnson) July 13, 2018

TV presenter Matt Johnson wrote: "What the actual fk? Curse you, miserable little man.
Later, Nazaneen published a lengthy response to praise those who supported her and admitted that the original tweet had made her cry.
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She wrote in the mail: "Thanks to each one of you who responded to my previous terrible tweet.
"I immediately regretted giving him the satisfaction of my attention by retweeting it, and I'm ashamed to say it made me cry, I know, stupid.

"But then I read all your wonderful messages and I felt like I had the longest, warmest and biggest virtual hug – and that's why I love my job because you care about my weather forecasts, no matter how big or small I am, or how sunny or cloudy it is!
"I will not lie, when my alarm goes off to work at 3:30, it's hard to wake up, but knowing that you're getting in the mood for your days makes the weather forecast happy, and I feel so privileged." able to do that for you all.
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