Slag. Chugunov and Kubera without support. The ROW juniors have added a brick to victory over Steel [RANKING]

Gleb Chugunow and Dominik Kubera almost pull the “youth cart” themselves in their teams, not having much support in their colleagues. The juniors from Rybnik were to be decided the weakest, and meanwhile … if it wasn’t for them, ROW would not beat Steel.

Tomasz Janiszewski

Tomasz Janiszewski

Dominik Kubera in the Unia - Sparta match

WP SportoweFakty / Jakub Brzózka / In the photo: Dominik Kubera in Unia – Sparta match

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And for a change, let’s start with those youths who have so far recorded the weakest results in the entire PGE Ekstralidze. We are after the third round and Kamil Nowacki and Mateusz Tudzież from PGG ROW Rybnik are not the last in terms of points. Even if it were not for their important points in the clashes with seniors, the Benjamin would not beat Moje Bermuda Stali Gorzów.

Nowacki, after two zeros in twelfth race, crossed the finish line first, defeating Szymon Woźniak. In turn, Tudzież, who in previous matches did not even score a point, twice showed his back to the participant of the Grand Prix cycle – Niels Kristian Iversenow.

The youth from Rybnik thus jumped in the MrGarden GKM Grudziądz ranking. Here Marcin Turowski is a certain point in the junior runs, but … nothing more – together with the second teammate. Grudziądz as the only team do not have a senior player on the opposing team. In Zielona Góra, their older colleague, Krzysztof Buczkowski, defeated Norbert Krakowiak twice.

Betard Sparta Wrocław and Fogo Unia Leszno are still at the head of the list. Gleb Chugunow and Dominik Kubera are giving away junior cards in the league, but they didn’t have any support from their partners in the last round. The first on the track in Częstochowa was able to beat just anyone, because Rune Holta, Jason Doyle and Fredrik Lindgren. The second at home turned out to be better than Jarosław Hampel, Grigory Łaguta and Paweł Mies.

PGE Ekstraliga 2020 Junior Ranking:

Place Club Competitors Bieg jun. pts bonuses Defeated Seniors Average points / match
1. Wroclaw Chugunov, Liszka 9 36 3 9 12,00
2. Leszno Kubera, Szlauderbach 11 30 5 9 10,00
3. Czestochowa Miśkowiak, Świdnicki 13 26 4 5 8,67
4. green Mountain Krakowiak, Tonder 9 25 3 6 8,33
5. Gorzow Innkeeper, Jasiński, Bartkowiak 9 19 2 3 6,33
6. Lublin Lampart, Trofimow jr 8 14 2 3 4,67
7. Rybnik Nowacki, Tudzież, Kłosok 3 10 3 2 3,33
8. Grudziadz Turowski, Lotarski, Zieliński 9 10 1 0 3,33

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Stars on top positions in notes. Przedpełski is getting better [RANKING]

SEE THE VIDEO Great racing in Rybnik and a great Madsen race. See the chronicle of the 3rd round of PGE Ekstraliga

Will MrGarden GKM Grudziądz fail to play for the next year in a row due to the lack of effective juniors?

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