Slag. Włókniarz – Sparta. A painful collision of Daniel Bewley with PGE Ekstraliga

Daniel Bewley failed in the third consecutive meeting of Betard Sparta Wrocław. In Częstochowa he did not score points and it is not excluded that he will have to wait a bit for his chance.

Łukasz Witczyk

Łukasz Witczyk

Daniel Bewley

WP SportoweFakty / Arkadiusz Siwek / In the photo: Daniel Bewley

The Briton joined the Betard Sparty Wrocław team before this season, and previously represented the club from Rybnik. There are high hopes for Daniel Bewley in Wroclaw, but the 21-year-old is disappointing so far. In three matches so far, he scored only a point with a bonus, beating only Wiktor Leopard.

In Częstochowa, Bewley was the backdrop for rivals. First he lost to junior Eltrox Włókniarz Mateusz Świdnicki, and then he reached the finish at the end of the field on defective equipment. He has not received more chances and it is not excluded that he will have to wait for the next opportunity.

– These zeros are obvious. Daniel collided with Ekstraliga and it is quite a brutal and strong collision. We can always say after the match whether the changes were good. Daniel went again and the match has fifteen races – said after meeting on nSport + trainer Betard Sparty Wroclaw, Dariusz Śledź.

VIEW VIDEO Bewley’s hard collision with PGE Ekstraliga. Herring: Every day we think about what to improve

In Sparta waiting for the results of research for the presence of coronavirus in Chris Holder, who is to start as a guest. – Chris Holder did not appear in Częstochowa, but he will probably appear in the composition. Not all formalities have been completed. Research is needed. We take it easy, because Chris also needs a ride – added Herring.

Max Fricke’s poor attitude is also a concern for Betard Sparta Wrocław trainer. The Australian in Częstochowa did not score points, and in three games he won 5 “points” and a bonus. – Max has hardware problems and I hope we can deal with it as soon as possible – said Śledź.

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Should Daniel Bewley get another chance to start at Betard Sparta Wrocław?

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