Sleep, anxiety, suicidal thoughts… How Covid-19 has “degraded” our mental health

Thus, “for the first time, the prevalence of suicidal thoughts was higher than that observed during the first measurement point carried out in February 2021”, she notes, in view of the latest data (April 8-15) from her survey. on the evolution of the behavior of the French during the epidemic.

10% of French people have had suicidal thoughts during the year. This is two points more than in the first wave of the survey, carried out at the start of 2021, and five points more than the level outside the epidemic.

Sleep problems

Public Health France also noted “a significant decrease in the percentage of people with a positive perception of their life (79%, -3 points) compared to the previous wave” at the beginning of February. However, this perception is significantly higher than that measured at the start of the first confinement.

If they are stable compared to previous data, the other mental health indicators remain at a high level at the beginning of April. 30% of those questioned thus showed signs of an anxious state or a depressed state (15% anxious only, 7% depressed only, 8% both depressed and anxious).

After a “significant” upward trend between July 2021 and January 2022, the prevalence of depressive states seems however “stabilized and even resume a downward trend”. It is lower than the level at the start of the first confinement, but five points higher than the level outside the epidemic.

Sleep problems are still at a very high level (69%) and even “significantly higher” than that recorded at the start of the first confinement.