Sleeping is good and guarantees a long quality of life, study shows

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Do you know sleepy people? They are right! Sleeping is good and guarantees a long quality of life, shows a study done at Stanford University (USA).

The conclusion of the research also indicates that fragmented sleep, which the person wakes up to many times, harms the body and contributes to diseases that lead to death.

The finding is that there is a “sleep age” that indicates that sleep is even more necessary when people are in mature age. The positive aspect is that it is possible to improve the quality of sleep regardless of the person’s age.

The study also shows that the way of sleeping varies according to age, but that the quality worsens over the years, reflecting on the health of the human being.

what to do to sleep

And the researchers went beyond the data. They also presented practical tips for those who need to sleep and cannot;

The main ones are looking for a dark environment and keeping the bedtime routine.


The team led by Emmanuel Mignot, from Stanford University (USA), brings together ten scientists who analyzed 12,000 scientific studies on sleep and the effects associated with health and disposition, including aspects such as mobility, breathing and heart rate in different age groups.

Published in the scientific journal Medica Digital, the researchers’ article details what was found in polysomnography (a painless test indicated to check the quality of sleep) of men and women aged between 20 and 90 years.

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According to the study, a 55-year-old person, for example, can improve their sleep quality and reach the average of a person ten years younger.

“Going to bed and waking up at regular times is key to improving your sleep. That doesn’t mean sleeping too much, but making sure you’re fully rested,” said Mignot.

Another habit change is where to sleep.

“Keeping the sleep environment dark at night, exercising regularly but not too close to bedtime, not drinking alcohol and caffeine at bedtime, and avoiding heavy meals in the evening all contribute to healthy sleep. And of course, make sure any sleep disorders are treated,” he added.

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