Sleeping together is better for your night’s rest –

He tosses, he turns, he snores, so you regularly consider moving to the spare room. Don’t do it for the time being: sleeping together is probably really better for your night’s sleep.

According to the latest study in this area, sleeping together especially improves your REM sleep. Those who sleep in a bed with a partner have a longer REM sleep, which is also interrupted less often. REM sleep is characterized by vivid dreams with which you process emotions. This sleep phase has a positive effect on your memory, social interactions and problem-solving skills.

Why your REM sleep improves when you are in one bed with your partner? “We think there are two possible mechanisms behind this,” explains researcher Henning Drews from. “The first mechanism concerns the ambient temperature. During REM sleep, your body is less able to maintain your body temperature. Therefore, the presence of a partner can help stabilize your own body temperature. The second mechanism has a more psychological effect: it makes you feel safe when your partner is around. REM sleep can be disrupted by stress. But if you sleep together, you actually create a safer and more relaxed environment, which improves REM sleep. ”

We now know how important a good night’s sleep is. “Sleep is very important for many physical and cognitive functions,” says Drews. “For example, cardiovascular health, the immune system, metabolism, memory and emotion regulation are influenced by sleep. The risk of Alzheimer’s disease or cancer has also been linked to sleep quality. ”

According to Drews, about half of adults worldwide share bed with someone else. That would be good for a good night’s sleep and therefore for health. Then you should take that snoring for granted.

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