Slepakov walks in the cold! Is Khodchenkova pregnant from the redhead from Ivanushki?


Users are sure that the artist circles the comedian around the finger.

Roman Svetlana Khodchenkova with Slepakov is one of the most unexpected. According to rumors, after the series “Home Arrest”, a romantic relationship broke out between the producer and the actress. Judging by the fact that the director divorced his ex-wife Karina, it can be argued that he fell in love. But can Khodchenkov answer the same? Many believe that the girl just played them. The actress understands that she has natural beauty, and a couple of acting tricks can attract a man. But according to rumors, Svetlana is expecting a child from Semyon, the photos on the actress page only confirm the guesses.

Users claim that Slepakov walks in the cold. In the comments on the producer’s page, numerous comments appeared that the actress meets with the soloist of the Ivanushki group – Andrei Apollonov. Users claim that they saw the couple together in the evening, the singer was extremely gallant and courteous. Apparently, the actress warmed Apollova, who was abandoned by his wife, and was expecting a child from him.

Rumors about the relationship between Andrei and Svetlana went back in 2017. The couple rested on Kirill Turichenko’s birthday, after which a romance broke out between them. Since the singer was married, young people could not continue the relationship. Apparently after the divorce, Andrei and Svetlana renewed love, but for some reason Slepakov does not know about it. He continues to take the artist to the Hermitage and introduce his relatives.

Svetlana Goncharova

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