Slovakia will meet the last opponent – the draw of the EURO 2023 players under the age of 21

21.6.2022 09:00

The Slovak national football team under the age of 21 will find out on Tuesday’s draw (13:00) who will be their opponent in the September draw for the European Championships of this age category in 2023 in Georgia and Romania. The trustees of coach Jaroslav Kentoš can come across selections of Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Iceland, Israel, Ireland or Ukraine in a double match. Watch the ONLINE broadcast from the draw of the barracks on Š!

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Draw of the draw of the ME 2023 players under the age of 21

Online transmission

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The short but even more important draw is over. The Slovak national team under 21 will meet with Ukraine.

Pair of barracks for the European Championship 2023 players under 21:

Croatia – Denmark
Slovakia – Ukraine

Ireland – Israel
Iceland – Czechia


The Czech Republic starts outside, they will want to get to the final tournament through Iceland!


The Irish get Israel, so the Czech Republic …


We have three options left, we will play with our neighbor! However, not with the Czechs, but with Ukraine!


Denmark will challenge Croatia!


Iceland closes four teams, which starts the play in front of its own fans.


The Slovak national team will start the double match at home, they will still wait for the opponent.


Croatia pulled out of destiny first.

Before the procedure, the rules are explained – that is, that no one is deployed.

With shots of the last finals of the Under-21 European Championships, which were dominated by Germany, we started the official part of the draw for next year’s championship.

The promotion will take place between September 19 and 27, 2022, and will take place in the form of a double match.

In today’s draw, the deployment system will not pay off, all eight teams will be selected from a single bowl. The first team from the pulled pair starts the double match at home.

Who’s in the barracks?



From our camp, there are voices longing for Iceland or Israel, the two most distant destinations. However, U21 captain Peter Pokorný told the SFZ website that it was impossible to choose from the eight offered.

Under-21 European Championships will take place from June 21 to July 8, 2023. Sixteen participants will take part in the tournament, including two host countries – Georgia and Romania.

In addition to them, the selections of Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland also have a certain participation in the tournament.

EC U21, qualification / 1st round




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Photo: UEFA


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