Slow Internet on Android phones, these are the causes and how to solve them

Slow internet on Android phones will certainly be a problem in itself. Especially for those whose work requires an internet connection on an Android phone.

Actually, there are many factors that cause the internet to be slow like a snail. Like a looping network signal, and not a smartphone’s specifications, it also has a big influence.

The slow internet connection is certainly very annoying for smartphone users. Especially gamers who really need super speeding internet. Likewise, entrepreneurs who often depend on the internet.

Causes of Slow Internet on Android Phones and How to Overcome It

A slow internet connection will certainly irritate you. Not even a few who cursed cellular phone providers as the cause.

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In fact, the factor that causes the internet is not fast is not only because of the cellular provider. However, there are several other factors that can cause this to happen.

So what are the main factors that cause the internet to be slow and how to overcome it? The following is a review that HR Online summarizes from various sources.

Hot Smartphone

The cause of slow internet on Android phones is due to overheating. Not a few users who play smartphones for hours, even to the point of feeling hot.

This is usually for those who like to play games, which of course does not take a minute.

In fact, an overheating smartphone can slow down performance and even interfere with internet connections.

The solution to this is to restart the Android phone periodically after playing games or other things. This is so that the performance of the smartphone is maximized again.

Then another way, is to turn off the cellphone while recharging the battery. So the phone can rest.

Frequently Opening Applications Without Close

There is nothing wrong if you open several applications on your smartphone. But the problem is that after opening the application, you forget to close or close it again. Thus, the performance of the Android cellphone becomes heavy which results in the internet network being slow.

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However, there are wrong habits of smartphone users. That is, after the application is not needed, it usually closes or exits by pressing the home button.

In fact, this method does not close applications that you have opened. However, it still runs in the background or background.

So, it has an impact on the RAM that is still working, as well as the internet network that is still running.

The correct way to close the application is to press the 3 line icon on the bottom of the smartphone screen.

This method not only closes the application, but also maximizes the internet network on an Android cellphone so it doesn’t slow down.

Wrong Choosing a Cellular Provider

Currently, the network operator that is affordable for all of Indonesia is 4G service. Even so, not all cellular providers or operators have a strong signal.

Therefore, so that when playing the internet on an Android cellphone it is not slow, then choose an operator that has a strong signal.

Many Ads Site

Have you ever opened a browser on a smartphone where there were a lot of advertisements? If you experience something like that, then you should block these ads.

The reason is, sites with many ad banners can actually affect the internet connection network on your smartphone.

So, those are some of the causes and ways to overcome a slow internet network on an Android phone. (R5/HR-Online/Editor-Adi)