Slowed down in Nîmes, Paris FC has a 15th match without defeat in Ligue 2

Disturbed this week by the serious ankle injury of Lamine Gueye, whose season is almost over, the players of Paris FC nevertheless started this meeting very well in Nîmes with, very quickly, an opportunity for Julien Lopez, too imprecise, following to an interception by Khalid Boutaïb (4th).

Applied, they controlled the start of the game with a huge opportunity for Morgan Guilavogui, too short, on the cross, admittedly a little strong, from Julien Lopez (23rd). But the duo caught up a minute later. Guilavogui, launched at the limit of offside, shifted Lopez whose center at the far post found the head of Boutaïb (0-1, 24th).

An opener that woke up shy Crocos, despite the strike on the post by Niclas Eliasson (17th). More aggressive, the players of Nicolas Usaï were rewarded with a free kick from Yassine Benrahou taken from the shoulder six meters by Eliasson (1-1, 39th).

Hanin comes out injured

The pace dropped significantly by one tone on the restart and we felt that the match could switch to nothing. As on this fault of Jaouen Hadjam on Benrahou in the surface? But Vincent Demarconnay diverted then captured the ball on the penalty rather badly hit by Zinedine Ferhat (66th). Parisian coach Thierry Laurey, who lost (for a long time?) Florent Hanin to injury, made the choice of the offensive by bringing in Alimani Gory (63rd) and Yoann Beaka, 18-year-old striker (73rd).

If Paris FC has a 15th game in a row without defeat and will remain second in the standings at the end of this day, it is indeed two points that have been lost on the lawn of Costières.