SM Caen. With the many returns, the rediscovered hope of Stéphane Moulin

Stéphane Moulin is full of hope before the reception in Grenoble.
Stéphane Moulin is full of hope before the reception in Grenoble. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

Grumpy a week earlier when he announced a tenth forfeit for the trip to Dunkirk, the next day, Stéphane Moulin looked much happier, Friday October 29, 2021. In the meantime, the Stade Malherbe Caen coach had not recovered less than seven players. Never since the first day of the championship has its workforce – 25 professionals in the training group – been so supplied. Obviously, this could not be minimized when discussing the future reception of Grenoble.

It is very clear that it is good for everyone and especially the group as a whole. I had one of the best weeks at work this week and it’s not trivial that it goes with everyone coming back. For once, we were able to work with all the players in the group. It’s new but it’s nice.

Stephane MoulinSM Caen coach

Not only did Stéphane Moulin not “need to appeal to very young players from the reserve”, who can lower the level of performance in training “even if they give the best of themselves”, but he also reaped the benefits of a word of return at the same time as the injured: competition. Another nice novelty. “The lack of competition has a huge impact. When you’re sure you’re playing, you don’t have to do violence to yourself in practice, you step into the comfort. But comfort does not get you anywhere in top-level sport. You need to be always alert. “

“A great cause for hope”

Obviously, the Malherbistes were involved when preparing the reception in Grenoble. “The week gives me good indicators. There are things that we sometimes perceive better than others. I would like it to last because when we put on quality like we put in this week, it will eventually be okay. What happened this week is a great source of hope for me. “Especially since the repeated absences slowed down the process but did not stop it.

Even though the players were present one after the other, the work was done anyway. I think we will finally be able to start something concrete and, I hope, sustainable.

Stephane MoulinSM Caen coach

Enthusiasm is not without a certain mistrust, however. ” I don’t have any guarantees yet, ”admits the technician. Some things remain unexplained, such as the “catastrophic” first half played in Dunkirk and the following twenty minutes presented as “brilliant”. ” If we become consistent in training, we will become consistent in matches. I can not find any other explanation for these jumps in performance. That’s why I have so much hope to finally find something stable. Only the field will confirm it.

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