Small budget – big advertising impact. Anyone can do TV advertising! – mnews –

The myth that TV advertising is only for global players with overflowing marketing coffers still persists. And it is precisely this misconception that advertising experts Constantin Simon and Michael Pernkopf clear up in a free 30-minute webinar “Crosser Talk – Brand Radiance for SMEs” on December 9, 2021. In addition to the raffle for 1 million visual contacts on the top 50 of the best-known websites in the DA-CH region, such as GEO, Schöner Wohnen and Eltern, questions such as: What does TV advertising really cost? What do I do if I don’t have my own commercial? Can I get help with media planning? How can I combine TV advertising with online advertising and get the most out of my budget with a cross-media campaign? And the most important thing: How long does it take from booking until my product / company can be seen on TV and what do I do with all the money I earn from the increase in sales?

Because few people know that you can use TV as the marketing channel with the greatest reach, even with a low budget, and thus increase your sales enormously. Studies by Ebiquity, Gain Theory, or Amplified Intelligence show that TV not only has the highest advertising impact of all media types, but also the highest return on investment. And the barriers to entry into television advertising are lower than ever today.

This opens up new opportunities for Austrian small and medium-sized companies to master the challenges associated with advancing globalization and digitization and to remain competitive. Most SMEs forego marketing entirely or use channels that are too slow for rapid consumption and that make it more difficult to gain national awareness and, consequently, to expand their reach. Or they rely on the programmatic advertising options of well-known search engine providers without knowing exactly where their money is going and where their advertising material is being played, yes, whether they are being played at all.

Choosing a local marketer prevents this black box and opts for reputable advertising partners and transparent marketing channels. When booking TV advertising, you receive a precise circuit diagram, you know exactly when and on which channel your advertising will be played, and you can watch it live in front of the television. For maximum advertising impact, marketing experts also recommend that you advertise across genres and combine TV and online advertising.

Michael Pernkopf, online expert at IP Austria: “In this way, you can reach your target group on the mass market wherever they consume their media content. Therefore, as a cross-media marketer, we also offer display and video advertising on the top 50 best-known websites such as,,,, and many more. that are visited by millions of users every day and brand security is guaranteed due to checked content. “

Constantin Simon also knows firsthand how important an efficient structure is in the mass market in order to achieve his sales targets and assert himself against the competition: “I myself come from the start-up and SME sector and have had three different companies in the last ten years built up. At that time we concentrated on search engine marketing and therefore only had one component and not a complete advertising strategy. Today, domestic advertising providers also have suitable offers for SMEs. As the head of Unit 3, the startup and SME department of the cross-media marketer IP Austria, I offer exactly these possibilities and, based on my personal experience, can advise companies and help them to achieve unimagined reach. And that doesn’t really require a large advertising budget. With our smallest SME package for 9,000 euros, you get around 170 commercials on 8 different TV channels, which generate over 1 million visual contacts. Well-known companies such as jollydays, EET or waterdrop have already benefited from this offer and thanks to commercials on RTL Germany channels such as RTL, RTLZWEI, VOX, RTLup, SUPER RTL, ntv, NITRO and Sky Sport Austria, they rapidly increased their awareness and sales. I am also looking forward to helping other Austrian hidden champions to the surface. “

Register now for the free 30-minute webinar “Crosser Talk – Brand Radiance for SMEs” on December 9th at 10:00 am and take the first step on TV!