Small crimes to solve – Cold-blooded murder in Transylvania

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A murder party adventure!

For Silviu Miklos and Lavinia Adamache, descendants of illustrious families of vampires, it’s almost the big day! In a few hours, they will say yes in front of all their loved ones gathered for the occasion in a huge castle. However, while the preparations are going wonderfully, the bride-to-be is found dead, with a gaping hole in her chest… In this adventure, you play as Joséphine Rivière, a former detective who has come to attend her best friend’s wedding. Who among this horde of blood drinkers could have committed the irreparable? What is the murderer’s motive and where is the murder weapon? So many mysteries to solve… It’s up to you to lead the investigation by observing and analyzing, to collect clues, to make deductions and to find the culprit.
To unmask the criminal, you will have to keep your cool
What is a murder party?
Traditionally, the Murder Party is a life-size role-playing game consisting of staging a police riddle like a play. Players step into the fiction to physically participate in this immersive experience. They then lead the investigation by conversing with the other characters in the story, embodied by actors, or by other players. Today, this concept is available in games and books.

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Collection :Small crimes to solve
Release date :23 sept. 2022
Pagination :48 pages
Format :19.5 cm X 28.8 cm
EAN :9782317029837
Technical informations :Pin

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