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The very length of the very first Smart was 2.5 meters, and even the second model did not exceed 2.7 meters. In comparison, the first new generation of the brand, Smart # 1, which has been a joint venture between German Daimler and Chinese Geely since 2019, has not a full body length but a wheelbase of 2.75 meters – nothing to add, the new company only it commits itself with the old brand in its logo.

The German-Chinese premium recreational vehicle has arrived

The Smart # 1 is, of course, a four-door, so it’s a fairer commitment to compare it to the Smart Forfour: the run-down model has a total body length of 350 centimeters associated with a wheelbase of 249 centimeters, while the Smart # 1 is 77 centimeters longer. A significant portion of this expansion has been spent by the designers on stretching the nose, making the Smart # 1 much more conventional in proportions than its blunt-nosed predecessor.

The German-Chinese premium recreational vehicle has arrived 69

The car receives a purely electric drive in a single configuration when introduced. Peak power of 200kW (272bhp) and maximum torque of 343Nm seem ample enough, even if we know the city car weighs more than 1.8 tonnes – by comparison, the Smart Forfour petrol engine weighs just over half as much, and its electrical exports were also only 1.2 tons.

The German-Chinese premium recreational vehicle has arrived 70

But don’t be surprised, as while the electric predecessor was able to cover up to 110 kilometers on a single charge, the rookie will go up to 440 thanks to his 66 kWh battery pack. The latter can be charged up to 150 kW from direct current and up to 22 kW from alternating current – the former takes 30 minutes and the latter 3 hours to reach 80% charge.

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The German-Chinese premium recreational vehicle has arrived 71

The top speed is 180 km / h and the maximum payload is 450 kg. As far as the transport of packages is concerned, there is a 15-liter cavity in the nose, and the primary boot is 273-411 liters, depending on the position of the adjustable backrest-angled rear seats. The floor is completely flat, there are vents and cup holders in the back, the side windows are frameless – so there are plenty of premium details.

The German-Chinese premium recreational vehicle has arrived 72

Built on a common floorboard with the Lotus Eletre SUV and the Zeekr 001 station wagon, the Smart # 1 not only offers more space to its passengers than its immediate predecessor, but also goes further in terms of digital content. For example, it has an on-board assistant based on artificial intelligence, the car can connect to the cloud, and advanced cyber security solutions protect it from hackers. Software updates are provided via wireless, mobile data traffic.

The German-Chinese premium recreational vehicle has arrived 73

The car can be opened and started with a smartphone, making it ideal for vehicle sharing services from the outset. The driver can monitor vehicle operation via an ultra-wide format 9.2-inch digital instrument cluster and 10-inch head-up display, the 12.8-inch central touch screen and all primary functions can be controlled from here, with no conventional switches, buttons or dials on the center console – or nothing but a series of storage compartments with lids.

The German-Chinese premium recreational vehicle has arrived 74

The wheels are 19 inch, but not fitted with narrow eco-tires but with 235/45 R19 tires

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