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Another option is the Philips Hue Intelligent Lamp GU10, which from R$ 350 can be purchased for R$ 275. Check out ten smart devices to compose a smart home at a discount on Amazon’s Black Friday Week.

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Smart home: See ten discounted items on Amazon’s Black Friday — Photo: Hispanolistic/iStock

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1. Hi By Geonav New Intelligent Lamp – from R$69 to R$49

Geonav’s Wi-Fi smart lamp is ideal for harmonizing indoor environments. The model allows the adjustment of colors and temperature, enabling the creation of different types of lighting. You can set the warm light to make the room more cozy, for example, or adjust the cool light so that the office is brighter. According to the manufacturer, the model has a useful life of up to 25 thousand hours. The smart lamp has a GU10 base, has 5 Watts of power and a luminous flux of 400 lumens, with a temperature that can vary from 2700K to 6500K. During Amazon’s Black Friday Week, the item has a reduction of R$20 from its original price, and starts to cost R$49.

The device also offers more than 16 million color options, which can be modified remotely through the application or through voice commands sent to the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant.

Hi By Geonav New Intelligent Lamp appears with R$ 20 off — Photo: Divulgação/Geonav

2. Smarteck Internal Switch Module – from BRL 65 to BRL 55

Smarteck’s switch module can transform traditional switches and lamps into smart devices. The item has application-controlled triggering or voice commands sent to the virtual assistant. The device is compatible with Alexa.

The device must only be used indoors, and it also allows you to program triggering routines. This way, it is possible to indicate times for the lights to turn on in the morning, for example. The model, which has an original price of R$65, will cost R$55 during Amazon’s Black Friday Week — a 15% reduction.

Smarteck’s switch module can transform traditional lamps and switches into smart devices — Photo: Divulgação/Smarteck

The i2GO smart lamp can be remotely controlled via the Android and iPhone (iOS) app or via virtual assistants such as Alexa. The model has 10 Watts of power and has a useful life of up to 25 thousand hours. The item also allows you to customize the colors of the environment, with millions of available tonal options.

The lamp, which originally costs R$ 73, is available for R$ 60 during Amazon’s Black Friday Week, a R$ 15 reduction. . It is possible to indicate a time for the lights to go off or on, for example.

The i2GO smart lamp has a useful life of up to R$ 25,000 hours — Photo: Divulgação/i2GO

The smart socket is another device that can complement the connected home experience. The item can be remotely controlled via a mobile app, which can be used to turn appliances on or off remotely. For example, it is possible to control the operation of the socket that turns on the coffee maker even when you are on the other side of the house, lying in the bedroom. This way, the user can get up when the coffee is ready.

Or, you can turn on the air conditioning when you’re still outside, to get home with the mildest temperature, for example. In addition, it is also possible to control the consumption of devices connected to the socket, which can help save on monthly bills. The i2GO smart socket plug has a 19% discount during the festival of offers, and starts to cost R$65 on the Amazon website.

The i2GO’s smart socket allows you to check the consumption of appliances — Photo: Divulgação/i2GO

5. i2GO Intelligent Universal Infrared Control – from R$89 to R$80

The i2GO Infrared Universal Control is capable of controlling many different devices in the same environment. With it, it is possible to change the TV channel, increase the volume of the home theater and turn on the room’s air conditioning, for example. The item has universal compatibility with any infrared controlled device. During Amazon’s Black Friday Week, the product has a 10% discount and can be found on the website for figures starting at R$80.

The model is even compatible with virtual assistants and can be controlled by voice commands through Alexa. Through the app, it is still possible to schedule hours of operation for the devices, creating customized routines to turn appliances on or off, for example.

The i2GO universal controller can be used to control different devices at the same time — Photo: Divulgaç/i2GO

The smart switch is capable of transforming the traditional light bulb into a smart model. With it, it is not possible to change the color of the light, but the user can control the turning on and off of lights from a distance. The item also allows the creation of programmable routines, which allow you to indicate a time for the house lamps to turn on or off.

It is possible to control the lighting of the house through the manufacturer’s application or by sending voice commands to Alexa, for example. During the festival of offers, the item is reduced by R$15 from its original price, and comes out at R$125.

AGL’s smart switch turns traditional light into a smart lamp — Photo: Disclosure/AGL

7. HI Smart LED Strip by Geonav – from R$189 to R$169

Geonav’s LED smart tape can be used to complement the lighting of various types of environments. The model can be controlled remotely via the application and through virtual assistants. You can change the color, intensity and temperature of the lights, which can take on over 16 million different colors and can range from warm white to cool white. It is also possible to program the tape lights to turn on or off at specific times, creating personalized routines for everyday life.

The item can be fixed to various surfaces, indoors or outdoors, as it is resistant to rain and splashing water. The tape, which is three meters long, can be connected to another similar model, reaching a total of six meters. It has 30 Watts of power, a luminous flux of 1440 lumens and a lifetime of 25,000 hours. Consumers can find the product for R$169 — a reduction of R$20.

Geonav’s LED strip can be fixed outdoors, as it is resistant to rain — Photo: Divulgação/Geonav

Smarteck’s smart switch allows you to control the activation of the house’s lights from a distance via the app and through voice commands. The item is Alexa compatible, touch sensitive and has a blue LED light indicator for night viewing, making it easy to use at night. During the festival of offers, the item has a 34% reduction in price, and can be found for figures from R$ 195.

The device can also be used to monitor energy consumption, and even has a timer function, which allows you to create operating routines to turn lights on or off at pre-set times.

Smarteck’s smart switch is touch sensitive and has a blue LED light for night viewing — Photo: Press Release/Smarteck

9. Philips Hue Smart Lamp GU10 – from R$350 to R$275

Philips smart lamp can also be used to complement decor and stylize environments. With the model, you can choose from among the millions of color options available to light up the different rooms in the house. Furthermore, the intensity and temperature of the colors can also be adjusted by the manufacturer’s app, and the model is even compatible with Alexa.

Through the app, it is possible to add up to ten Philips Hue lamps, which can be controlled simultaneously. There, you can even program the operation of the lights, making them turn on at the time you should wake up, for example. The lamp, which has 4 Watts of power and a GU10 base, is now worth R$ 275 during Amazon’s Black Friday, a reduction of approximately R$ 75 in its original price.

Philips Hue GU10 is the new model in Philips’ line of smart lamps — Photo: Yuri Hildebrand/TechTudo

10. Elsys Wi-Fi Smart Desk Lamp – from BRL 312 to BRL 280

The Elsys smart desk luminaire has a Wi-Fi connection and can be controlled remotely via the app or via virtual assistants. As with smart lamps, it is possible to modify the luminaire’s colors, intensity and temperature, creating different lighting modes for the home’s environments.

The smart lamp is also part of Amazon’s Black Friday Week campaign and, during the event, the item has a 10% reduction in its original value, starting to cost R$ 280. The model, which is ideal for indoor use, can be used to complement environments or even as a night light for the nursery. The device has 5 Watts of power, luminous flux of 400 lumens and a useful life that can reach 30,000 hours.

The Elsys table lamp can be used as a night light in baby rooms — Photo: Publicity/Elsys

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