While the style of lifetime and the dynamic in the homes have changed over time, the role that this place plays in our lives always be of great importance.

Currently, with the digital transformation profoundly impacting everything we know, it is possible control from the same device, the environmental lighting of a room or washing our clothes in the washing machine. We can also know what products we have in the refrigerator and even, control the temperature and humidity to which they are exposed.

As an important part of any home, the kitchen has a series of appliances that form the perfect scenario to exploit the potential of smart technologies.

Refrigerators that recommend dishes

LG InstaView ThinQ has a LCD touch screen of 29 inches that transforms, from a transparent window to a computer screen with just two touches, the refrigerator recommends recipes taking as a base the products that are inside.

Once the recipe is selected, it is possible to send the information to the oven of the stove LG EasyClean connected with Alexa, so that later, the user is guided verbally in each step of the process of elaboration of the dish. For an even more enjoyable culinary experience, users will be able to access and listen to their favorite music through streaming services directly in the InstaView ThinQ.

Stoves that cook by themselves

The oven of the LG EasyClean stove he Automatically preheats according to the chosen recipes on the refrigerator screen. This function makes the process of cooking the food more efficient, in addition to preserving its flavors and nutrients. In addition, the smart oven allows users to know when it is time to perform a cleaning through a notification in their smartphone

A smart kitchen

Every smart home needs a control center. The LG WK7 AI ThinQ speaker It can be in the kitchen or anywhere in the house, which facilitates the access and control of the ecosystem.

The integration of Google Assistant in this powerful device gives users immediate answers to their doubts while they enjoy the best sound, plan their day and manage their tasks, all with their voice.

"Our line of intelligent solutions has devices connected and ready to respond to the needs of our consumers, making their lives easier and more efficient," he says. Gemma Abad, Director of Marketing in LG Electronics Mexico. "By complementing the most advanced technology with an ergonomic and innovative design in our home, domestic tasks can be simplified and made more pleasant.


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